Rasengan vs Chidori

Here is the special attack of naruto and sasuke now I made you a small summary to see the comparison


Rasengan is a rank A technique. Created by the Yondaime himself. It took him 3 years to be able to develop it and master it completely. It was then mastered by his Sensei Jiraiya who then made Naruto learn it. The latter will master the technique in a few weeks after a hard training. Naruto is obliged to use a Kage Bunshin no Jutsu to realize the Rasengan to make up for his lack of technique. (In the Next Gen Naruto masters better this technique and doesn’t need a clone anymore) To make it simple, this technique consists in concentrating in his hand a big quantity of chakra and to make it turn very fast to give it power. It is then created a kind of mini Typhoon very destructive.

To be able to master it totally you have to learn 3 steps:

-1st step: Create a chakra current

The best exercise is to create a current to make the water turn in a balloon and to make it burst. This step is called rotation.

To realize this 1st step, it is necessary to concentrate and maintain his chakra in the hand. For this Jiraya told Naruto to remember his training to go up to the trees by controlling the chakra in his feet.

At the beginning of his 1st step Naruto couldn’t pop the balloon.

Jiraya explained to him that he was turning the water to the left but the direction of the chakra in his body was the right.

Otherwise the forces are opposing. But this was not enough for Naruto to master this first step. It’s by seeing a cat playing with a water balloon that he understood how to succeed and to compensate his lack of techniques he will invent another way to succeed this 1st step by using his 2 hands.

-2nd step: Push your chakra to its limit

For this the best exercise is to burst a rubber ball. This step is called the power.

For that Jiraya explains to Naruto to remember his training to walk on water by releasing his chakra continuously.

At the beginning of this 2nd step, Naruto manages at best, by pushing his chakra to the maximum, to deflate the ball. It’s then that Jiraya will understand that Naruto lacks of concentration. His chakra doesn’t manage to concentrate in a single point and scatters.

That’s when he will draw a small sign on his hand to help him to increase his concentration. Because in 1 precise point, the force is more important. Naruto will then succeed in this 2nd stage by managing to provide an extraordinary power.

-3rd step : this step is simply the hardest because it requires the first 2 steps to be combined.

That is to say the rotation in addition to the power.

To succeed in this exercise Jiraya asks Naruto to succeed in making the Rasengan turn in a ball. For the technique to be successful, the sphere obtained must be perfect and must not explode the balloon. It is also necessary to make the chakra turn very fast with a lot of power for the technique to be effective.

If the technique uses only the first step this is what happens.

The force is not totally concentrated, but if the 3 steps are well mastered, it results in a Ninjutsu of extraordinary power. As I said before, Naruto will use a clone to make up for his lack of technique to achieve this jutsu.


Its real name is Chidori, it is also called Raikiri because Kakashi once cut a lightning with it. The only original technique of Kakashi, this is a secret technique for assassination. Its secret lies in the speed of the attack and the activation of the body to create a large amount of chakra and concentrate it in his arm and because of the speed emits a sound comparable to that of 1000 birds. The arm becomes a sword that can cut anything. Kakashi then taught this technique to Sasuke. Unfortunately, compared to Rasengan, its use is limited. Currently Kakashi can use it 4 times and Sasuke 2. If you exceed its limits by trying again you can die. There is no known restriction for the Rasengan. At the beginning when Kakashi invented this Jutsu he didn’t have the Sharingan yet and this causes flaws in the attack because this Jutsu allows to concentrate an attack in 1 pt with an incredible power and speed but this movement is so fast that its user can’t see the counter of the enemy. When Kakashi will get the Sharingan this mistake will be fixed and the Jutsu will be perfect. Kakashi rasengan exist but he don’t use for no reason. This explains why he taught it to Sasuke. Simply because he is an Uchiwa.

To do the Chidori you have to form 3 signs beforehand: buffalo hare monkey.

Then simply concentrate a strong dose of chakra in his hand which then appears. Then you just have to rush on your opponent. This jutsu requires less training than Rasengan and is easier to learn. On the other hand it is more dangerous for its user because if he abuses it he can die.